You can make a difference…


Donate funds

Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships. We seek to find constructive solutions to real problems in our community. Currently, we are fundraising to expand our efforts and establish a permanent base of operations where we can streamline our projects. Your generous donation will go towards helping the people in need.

donate goods

Most of us have a pile somewhere of stuff we can’t throw away but never use. Things like old sleeping bags, shoes, blankets, tarps and jackets can make a huge difference to people who don’t have them. If you’d like to free up some room and help your community at the same time, fill out the form and let us know what you have to contribute. We’ll even come get it or meet you where you feel comfortable.


Get involved in the community. There is a huge need for supporters. Our dedicated team will always be there but we could use your help. We like to have fun and meet new and interesting people while we provide essential services to our neighbors. We won’t share your info or flood your inbox. There are no expectations or requirements. We just need all the help we can get.



We have an ongoing list on Amazon that we keep updated with general necessity items as well as special needs . You can purchase an item on the list and send it straight to our team. We will get it to someone who really needs it. All you have to do is add items to your cart, select “Carry It Forward’s Gift Registry Address” in the address options and check out.