Here are a few of our current programs. Please take a moment to learn more about what we do and consider donating your time, resources, funds, suggestions or anything else you can do to help.


Basic Needs

To survive and thrive, all of us need our basic needs to be met.We believe that all people have a right to basic needs, and that each of us shares a moral responsibility to make this happen. On a most basic level, humans require a few things: sleep, food, and a place to go to the bathroom and attend to hygiene. In our climate, we also need dry, warm clothes.



Clean clothes are a major factor in getting a job, being accepted for housing, presenting well in public, and being treated fairly in a society that judges people on appearance. Clean clothes also contribute to feeling good and healthy!


Camp Cleanup

Until we are able to house everyone, people will continue to camp where they are able. We also understand that this creates a mess. CIF seeks to create sustainable and humane solutions that benefit everyone.

Currently, the majority of the camps that are cleaned up by city or county staff go directly to landfill and campers have little recourse to retrieve their belongings. When items are confiscated and placed in police impound, they are often moldy and unusable by the time they are retrieved.