Humane Camp Cleanup



Until we are able to house everyone, people will continue to camp where they are able. We also understand that this creates a mess. CIF seeks to create sustainable and humane solutions that benefit everyone.

Currently, the majority of the camps that are cleaned up by city or county staff go directly to landfill and campers have little recourse to retrieve their belongings. When items are confiscated and placed in police impound, they are often moldy and unusable by the time they are retrieved.

camp cleanup

About once per month, we get calls requesting clean up of “abandoned” camps. Often, these camps are not truly abandoned, but the presence of what appears to be “garbage” is a nuisance for parks and businesses. We bag up anything that can be re-used and safely dispose of garbage. Then, we leave a note for the owners and store the items for 30 days. If previous owners contact us, we offer to launder and return items. In most cases, this is helpful to the camper.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please fill out this form.


When campers do not retrieve their items, we clean up and salvage as much as possible to redistribute back to unhoused individuals.


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